What if you could eat the foods you love while losing weight?

Maybe you ...

  • Feel confused & overwhelmed as to what diet "works" 

  • Working your ass off and not seeing results

  • Wonder how you can achieve results without putting your life on hold!

  • Feel guilty whenever you eat something "not healthy"

  • Exhausted from jumping around from one diet to the next

There is another way!

Just by ...

  • Learning about YOUR calorie deficit 

  • Food & Fat loss Fundamentals 

  • Eating foods you love everyday

  • Working smarter not harder

  • Having the tools to achieve results according to YOUR lifestyle

Introducing ... Fierce Flexible Dieter!

your complete roadmap to forever fat loss through mastering your macros!

You can achieve your weightloss goals without surviving off chicken and broccoli!

What FFD gals are saying ...

Lauren has lost 10 kgs so far....

Lauren Lewis

"THE BEST thing I've ever done! Ellie has helped me SO much on my fitness journey already, & has taught me how to fuel my body correctly & hitting my macros. I love that I can STILL eat chocolate everyday & STILL lose weight! Highly recommend doing this course!"

Food Clarity!

Jackie Jarman

"Best thing I did! I've spent so much money on stuff concerning food plans etc and I should have just got onto you from the beginning! You make it so easy to learn!"

Weightloss without realising!

Megan Savage

"Girl! Just checked my weight and I've lost 5 kg's since I did your FFD course!"

Calculated fat loss!

Jessica Getson

"I have watched all the modules & lost 2.5 kg's in the first week!"

Don't even feel like I'm dieting.

Elise Campbell

"I've been tracking for about 5 weeks now! Still having treats, my relationship with food has never been better! I don't even feel like I'm dieting because I'm eating foods I enjoy!"

Your flexible dieting journey includes...

  • Your personlised macros & calorie deficit

  • Using My Fitness Pal without it taking over your life

  •  What flexible dieting is and how it differs from calorie counting

  • Your dieting beliefs & where they are holding you back

  • How mindful eating + macros will make you unstoppable, no matter what life throws!

  • Enjoying meals out while achieving your goals

and so much more... 

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Achieve forever fat loss through mastering your macros! Claim your spot!

Hi, Im Ellie!

Nutrition coach, personal trainer, business owner, and founder of 'Fierce Flexible Dieter'.

Flexible Eating Expert

Ellie Finlay

For years I struggled with restrictive dieting & food frustration. Macro counting all seemed to hard for me in the beginning ... until I learnt the necessary hacks and mindset shifts to achieve my body goals without putting my life on hold. It took me years of trial and error...& to many women are making the same mistakes. After 7 years in the health & fitness industry... I decided enough was enough! This is why I made the 'Fierce Flexible Dieter' online course! With over 1000's of kg's lost, you too can learn my step-by- step strategies to achieving forever fat loss & feeling confident!

FFD is the self paced 100% online program teaching you the proven strategy to take you from confused & overwhelmed about what "actually works" to...

  • Eating in a smart calorie deficit

  • Fitting in foods you love while achieving results

  • Reclaiming your food freedom!

  • Improving your relationship with food

  • NEVER wanting a "fad" diet ever again!

  • Food & fat loss clarity

  • Mindful eating skills & how they intertwine with your macro knowledge

  • Using My Fitness Pal in quick efficient ways!

FFD student results

Ellie lost 7kg's so far

Ellie Hill

"10/10! Understanding macros is such an important yet easy way to balance and understand what you are putting into your body! Why different things are important and how you can still enjoy the temptations the world has! I believe EVERYONE should be educated & aware of macros!"

Lydia found food freedom!

Lydia Johnson

"I am on my 3rd day of 1800 cals! can not believe I've stuck to it! I have sussed out the macros, and fit in my biscuits so it works! Pre planning is everything! I'm loving being able to have the carbs! Always personally restricted myself, thankyou so much!!"

Enjoy what you are eating!

Emily Blynda

"Today was day 1 of following your videos and tracking my food PROPERLY... and I BLOODY LOVED IT. I wasn't hungry at all! I enjoyed everything I ate today and didn't have the urge to have anything else that wasn't on my plan! I went back and watched the macro-gesty module to refresh my mind! I've flown through it, so good I can't put it down! Thanks again xx"

Improve your food relationship!

Amy Harrison

"I'm now able to eat something and not feel bad! I used to think carbs are really bad, but doing FFD has given me the tools to not think badly about food!"

Break the yo-yo!

Elise Campbell

"10/10! I've done so many written diet plans & challenges in the past and lost weight and then gained it again because I'd restrict myself from all my favourite foods then binge again! I was on the yo-yo...but not anymore!"

Course curriculum

  • 1

    My Fitness Pal - I'm your Gal!

    • Getting Ready!

    • Downloading now: MFP

    • Self Development Task!

    • Finding YOUR macros

    • Macros Meet MFP!

  • 2

    Flexible Dieting Explained

    • What is Flexible Dieting?

    • Your Dieting Beliefs!

    • A "smart deficit" explained!

  • 3

    your MACRO - GESTY

    • Intro to Macros!

    • Understanding Food Labels!

    • Quiz: food macro allocation!

  • 4

    Getting to know MFP!

    • Why is MFP important

    • MFP features & hacks!

  • 5

    Hitting Your Macros

    • Your Food Flow & Template!

    • Pre planning & building your food template

    • Protein snacks & macro friendly treats!

  • 6

    Events, Lifestyle and Sustainable Change

    • Meals out..make it count!

    • Eats you don't know!

    • Grill'd Burger Example!

    • "Leave Your Window" event example!

  • 7

    MFP Reflection & overview

    • 5 most common MFP mistakes!

    • 5 most common MFP mistakes summary

    • Reflection!

  • 8

    Mindful Eating!

    • What is Mindful Eating?

  • 9

    Hunger Cues!

    • Your Hunger Cues!

  • 10

    Macros meets Mindful!

    • Macros + Mindful Eating!

    • Mindful Eating Quiz

  • 11


    • Your Environment!

  • 12

    BONUS: your MACRO- GESTY recipe book!

    • Your Recipe Book: DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Upon enrollment, you'll have immediate access to all course content including:

  • Video lessons & group support!

    Clear, simple, engaging video "how to" demonstrations by yours truly! Alongside power point presentation videos & actionable 'steps' at the end of each video lesson. You'll also have complete support from the FFD facebook group! Any questions, thoughts, or concerns don't hesitate to reach out!

  • Worksheets / Cheatsheets

    Checklists, food list ideas, worksheets & journal prompts to uncover your food beliefs! you'll walk away from each module feeling clear & empowered!

  • FFD recipe book & Quizzes!

    Fun, interactive quizzes are provided throughout the course ... you can take them as many times as you like to facilitate your learning! At the end of it all, you'll receive the FFD recipe book containing over 140+ recipes!

Pricing options

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By the end of this self paced course you will have...

  • The knowledge to eat meals out & still achieve results

  • Fit in daily treats... guilt free!

  • An improved relationship with food

  • Never feel like you are "missing out" again.

  • Clarity around weight loss & calorie deficits

  • Feel energised & confident!

  • Never need another "diet" again!

  • Achieve your weight loss goals while eating foods you love!

FFD is perfect for you if ...

  • You want results without putting your life on hold

  • You want to learn how to stay consistent even when "life happens."

  • You are ready to feel confident in clothes! 

  • You are ready to eat properly without feeling like you are "missing out."

  • You are sick & tired of feeling confused & overwhelmed

  • Over jumping from one "fad" to the next

  • You are ready to improve your food relationship

  • You are ready to work smarter not harder!

  • You aren't seeing the results you want & don't know why

  • Want a self paced, 100% online course to teach you!

Fierce Flexible Dieter is NOT for you if...

  • You want a strict written diet plan

  • You aren't ready to learn

  • Your are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • You don't want an all online course


  • What equipment do I need?

    You'll need your phone, internet access, food weighing scales & a great attitude!

  • Is there 1:1 coaching available?

    Once you join the FFD course, you will be prompted to join the FFD facebook group! Within this group you will be able to ask your questions and get them answered by myself or other students! 1 :1 coaching spots may be available if you are willing to upgrade.

  • How will I receive all the info?

    Once you have purchased FFD, your enrollment details will be sent directly to your inbox for you to login and access the content straight away!

  • What if its not for me? Can I get a refund?

    We offer a 30 day money back gaurantee! However, please make time to complete the course each month! If you haven't started it yet you don't know what you are missing out on!

  • How long is the course?

    The course is all self paced. You can complete a module a month, or a module a week! On average it could take you 1 - 3 months depending on your schedule.

  • What if I get stuck?

    If you are really stuck on a portal feel free to ask a question on the facebook group where other gals or myself will answer it for you :) I will be checking the facebook group regularly and providing answers & feedback.

  • I have food allergies! Can I still do FFD?

    FFD teaches YOU how to build your food day & lose weight. As a result.... YOU are in control! You can choose foods according to your needs! Any allergies, cravings, or changing routines you have happening at home won't be an issue! FFD will be perfect for you!

  • Once I've completed the course & modules, am I able to still log in and go over it again incase I forget anything later on?

    You sure can! Once you purchase FFD, you have lifetime access! So you can go re-watch and refresh later on as much as you like ! :) 

  • I know I'll have lots of questions! Who can I contact?

    You can post any questions you may have on the FFD facebook group! Myself and longtime students will be there to support you 100% Any other issues you can contact me, simply email: ellie@ elliefinlay.com

I'm so sure you'll love this program that I'll GAURANTEE* it!

If, within 30 days of purchasing Fierce Flexible Dieter, you are unhappy with it, I'll give you your money back! 

You gotta do the work though! Buyers remorse doesn't count :)

Not applicable to payment plans! 

All I ask is that you send proof that you implemented the required skills to see results & I'll refund you.

Confused to Confident!

More amazing student results...

Loving the course

Keely Wakely

"I'm doing so well & loving the course! It's super informative & I'm learning A LOT! And I'm already down 2kg's!"

A wise investment

Barbara Nicola

"I would recommend FFD to anyone, it has been such a wise investment! I'm excited to finally be in control of what I eat & enjoy my weight loss journey & sustain it!"

It's easy so I stay on track!

Lydia Johnson

"I loved learning how to use MFP properly! Such a massive time saver which helps with my meal planning & lower stress! It's easy so I just do it and stay on track instead of giving up!"

Best money I've spent

Jackie Jarman

"The best money I've spent ... I just couldn't stick to written diet plans anymore!"

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